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The dreamer of the group. D-Roc is a young entrepeneur and leader with a contagious energy. He can convince his crew to do almost anything, from selling lemonade on the corner to starting a hip-hop group. D-Roc rarely thinks his business ideas through, but with the help of his friends he always lands on his feet. It is his ability to remain positive that inspires those around him to never give up, especially his little sister, Dee Dee (although she’d never admit to it). D-Roc is always trailed by his trusted dog, Money, who is a smaller and furrier version of himself.

Dee Dee

D-Roc’s little sister and Lissette’s best friend. She is sassy and too smart for her own good. Dee Dee’s greatest asset is her big mouth, but it’s also her biggest flaw. It’s her big mouth that gets her into big trouble with some big guys, much to the chagrin of D-Roc who has to protect her. Dee Dee’s passions include listening to people’s problems and doing hair, which she combines by holding “psychiatric” sessions while creating elaborate hairdos. Unfortunately, her sessions never end well, with her friends either angry about her strong opinions or her overly “creative” hair designs. The one topic that Peaches won’t discuss is her crush on DJ.


They say dog is a man’s best friend. That would be true if Money was your average dog. But this Canine is more like a Harvard grad with 4 legs and a tail. Money pretends to be your typical obedient dog in front of his master but behind closed doors, he’s a big mover and a shaker. Closing deals, buying real estate, and trading stocks. At first glance, Money has it all, but he doesn’t have Gwenny, the avid animal lover. And he won’t stop ’til he has her eating out of his paws.


Mr. All that and a bag of chips, a cheeseburger, a chilly dog, a pizza pie, and a bag of fries. Slim’s name use to fit him, and so did his clothes, until one summer, he gained 50 pounds. He’s stuck in the glory of his pre-fat days and is convinced that all the young ladies still love him, including Lissette. Slim is D-Roc’s right hand man and often gives him business advice that always goes awry. But once in a blue moon, he’ll have the perfect idea and that’s when D-Roc chooses not to listen. Slim’s unflappable confidence has him believing that he’ll be the next Calvin Klein super model.


A triple threat; actress, singer, dancer. She threatens the crew with all three because she’s terrible. But you couldn’t tell her that. What she lacks in talent, she makes up in confidence. Unlike Dee Dee who can’t keep a secret, Lissette can’t tell a secret because she only has one way of talking, LOUD! When she’s mad, she speaks in Spanglish, a combination of Spanish and English. Lissette has a crush on D-Roc and her mother always told her that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The problem is, every time she uses food to get to D-Roc’s heart, it ends up in Slim’s stomach. Lissette loves to be the center of attention.


A daredevil in training. Chad’s into extreme sports and fears nothing…except the dark. While he won’t hisitate to jump a ramp on his skateboard, he refuses to enter a room without turning on the light first. Chad never leaves the house without his video camera in case he is inspired to do a wild stunt that he needs to capture. Unfortunately, he always ends up capturing everything but his stunts, like UFO’s, celebrity sightings, and crime scenes. He dreams of one day having his own brand of skateboards and sneakers like Tony Hawk. The most extreme thing about Chad may be his joke telling, which is “extremely” bad! He’s been known to clear a room with a single “knock-knock” joke.


A walking sting bomb. If bad hygiene was a crime, Dirty would get the chair. One flash of his bright yellow teeth could slow down traffic in all of Boo York. But as filthy as he is, Dirty keeps his sneakers immaculate. Oddly enough, his hygiene is NOT the reason why people call him “Dirty,” he’s actually from the dirty south. To fulfill his dream of being the next human beat box, he moved to the big city to live with his cousin D-Roc and Peaches.


Her real name is Soo-Young Kyung-Ja Kim. But in her desperate attempt to fit in with the rest of her friends, she insist on being called “Sue.” The inventor of the crew, she can knock off anything she sees with her hands. That’s why her friends always line up for her brilliant creations. The problem is, because she has poor choice of materials, it never lasts long. Sue loves fashion but can’t dress herself to save her own life. A sponge for knowledge, Sue asked never ending questions, sending her friends running away.


The DJ of the group. He comes from a wealthy family but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. He is more at home in the streets than in his parents’ mansion. While DJ knows little about “white history,” he knows more about Martin Luther King, Jr., Jackie Robinson, and Miles Davis than most black people. In addition to “black history,” DJ’s interest lies in music. He loves jazz, rock, classical…but his favorite is hip-hop. He’s always ready with a beat and provides the music that the crew performs at the end of each episode. Dee Dee swears that her secret crush will be the next Dr. Dre or The Neptunes.


The activist of the crew and Chad’s big sister. Gwenny wears her plights on her chest…literally! She sports t-shirts with peace signs and slogans like “Save the Planet!” Besides her many causes, Genny is into such spiritual activities as yoga and meditation. She is also a walking contradiction. Her shirt may read, “Don’t be cruel to animals,” but she’ll have leather shoes on her feet, and while she may talk about “being at peace with the world,” her temper will explode when a kid accidentally bumps her. Her mood swings keep everyone on their toes and they joke that her attitude changes as much as her hair color. She is a true “Punk Rock girl.”

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